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What is InFellowship?

InFellowship is the church’s primary communication tool for keeping you connected to C.M.B.C. With InFellowship, individuals can access the online church directory, manage their individual and family information and view/print contribution report.

  • Creating an InFellowship Account

Prior to registering an InFellowship account please contact Terrance Hill or Tony Anderson to verify the email address currently on file for you. If you register with an email address that is not currently on file you wil create a duplicate account and your account profile will not display your contributions. After this has been done you can click on the "InFellowship Account Registration" link above and register.

  • Updating Your Information

If any of your membership information changes i.e. address, telephone number, marital status, etc., you may update it by logging into your InFellowship account and selecting “Update Profile.” Please note that profile updates (address, etc.) made through InFellowship affect (are applied to) the entire household. You cannot add or delete members of your household. These requests will need to be emailed to

  • Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings allow individuals to determine which pieces of personal information can be viewed by others in InFellowship such as group leaders and group members.

  • Church Directory

Church Directory allows InFellowship users who are members or attendees to opt to have their information displayed in an online directory. All access to information is controlled by the user by configuring their privacy settings.

  • Online Giving

Online Giving allows users to make contributions online, track giving history (regardless of method of contribution) and print giving statements for tax file reporting.

  • Groups

The Group Function will show members what groups they are a part of. The Group function also allows a group leader to manage groups and group members to find and contact members of their group. Again, you control your “viewable” information through Privacy Settings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I see my giving history in inFellowship?
All your contribution giving history is now offered through InFellowship. If you set up a log-in and still don’t see it, the most common reason is you set up your InFellowship login with an email address that is different than the email address on file for you. Contact the church office to fix this issue.

Q: Can I search fellow church members through inFellowship?
YES! There is a great people search feature at InFellowship. Simply “Opt In” to the online directory under privacy settings to participate.

Q: Can I give or tithe through InFellowship?
YES! You can securely give contributions, view your giving history and view groups that you are a member of.

Q: How do I delete a giving schedule that I have created in InFellowship?
To delete a recurring giving schedule, please email