Spiritual Gifts Growth & Development

Nurturing Gifts

Nurturing congregations tend to be very committed to building fellowship…

  • Visitation
  • Small groups
  • Sunday school
  • Member care

The focus is primarily turned inward.

Outreaching Gifts

Outreaching congregations are missional in nature, serving the community in a variety of ways and reaching out to people in the area. The focus is on the world.

Witnessing Gifts

  • Organizing congregations tend to be highly structured, very organized, and program rich.
  • Committees and work teams involve large numbers of people.
  • The focus is on the institution.

Gifts & Talents

Spiritual gifts are received, are given only to those who are saved and are given in surprise and maturity and is used solely for the command of the Church, while natural talents are inherited, can be received by those who are not saved as well, and can be used even for selfish and personal gains.

There is one similarity between the two and that is the fact that both are blessings from God, the Creator of all things.