Assimilation Ministry

The Assimilation Ministry is designed to be a true reflection of the “Heart of Community”.   To present a positive and lasting first impression to our guests that choose to worship with us. To exhibit God’s love in the way we entertain our guests and to be worthy of the souls that will be added to the CMBC family. We have the awesome responsibility of providing each new member with the necessary tools to successfully assimilate into the life and Ministry of Community Missionary Baptist Church. Empowering our new members to minister using their God-given talents and gifts. Rendering support and encouragement for new members in facilitating the movement from passive attendance to active discipleship. To create and maintain a culture that is conducive to the sense of belonging and the desire to contribute as a vital member of our growing Ministry.  

On the first Saturday of each month from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm, we welcome our newest family members with a full and very satisfying breakfast as well as an orientation class to share why we exist and the Biblical Doctrine on which we stand. During the Breakfast Orientations, we have the opportunity to personally meet and greet our new family members in a more relaxed environment. At the end of this fun-filled event, a certificate of completion is presented to all attendees and your process for membership is complete.

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Director of Assimilation, Francene Adger