Young Adults

The Community Missionary Baptist Church Young Adult Ministry serves to support our young adults as they grow and mature in Christ.  The ministry strives to help the maturing process through strong bible teaching, spiritual guidance, Christian fellowship, and other Christ-centered activities. We encourage our young adults to be involved in the ministries and regular activities of the church so that they can be nurtured and develop strong Christian relationships.

Our goal is to disciple our young adults in order to make them disciples for Christ in their home, family, workplace, community, and within their peer group. As they become strong and steadfast in their relationship with God, they will become strong witnesses for Christ.

We believe that Christian faith is inspired by Christian relationships within the family of Christ. We admonish you to become a part of the growth process of our young adults and allow us to walk alongside you as you grow in maturity and love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Rev. Jeremiah Austin