Community Missionary Baptist Church is a church home to more than 2,300 members with three worship services each Sunday morning. With any large congregation, people have a tendency to get lost and disconnected. The Gospel Families - ACTS, JOHN, LUKE, MARK, and MATTHEW - were designed for the purpose of creating small groups and encouraging members to connect and enjoy intimate fellowships with one another.     

Each family is under the direction of designated leaders which are ministers, deacons, and laymen.  The family leadership has the responsibility of facilitating Christian growth, authentic care, Christian accountability and personal relationships with one another. 

Each member of CMBC is assigned to one of the Gospel Families. All CMBC members are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in their respective family meetings and special events.

All Gospel Families meeting are held on the fourth Monday evening of each month at 6:30 p.m. in their designated areas.


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