The Senior Ministry “Silver Thread” of Community Missionary Baptist Church provides fellowship for men and women that are 55 years of age and over. The ministry focuses on the social, spiritual, educational and emotional needs of this valued sector of our church family.

The Senior Ministry meets the third Wednesday of each month immediately following mid-day W.O.W. in the fellowship area of CMBC. A scrumptious buffet is served, followed by various programs of interest, information, enrichment, entertainment, and enjoyment. The delicious buffet is the result of the seniors bringing their prized casseroles, salads, desserts, and various other food dishes.

For more information on joining this ministry, please contact the Seniors Ministry Leader, Sheri Rose, at

Come join this special workout class specifically designed for our Seasoned Saints, ages 55 and up. Or if you are looking to start or reignite a regular workout routine, this is the class for you! You will get a workout that is low impact, which starts off at a slower pace and slowly ramps up to guarantee that you will get your heart rate up and work up a sweat.

This workout is designed by a certified personal trainer, who specializes in senior fitness. These workout sessions will greatly aid with flexibility and balance. Classes are held in the C.M.B.C. Gym every Saturday at 8:30 am. Come for FUN, FITNESS, and FELLOWSHIP!!!


Rev. James H. Alexander, Jr.